5 November 2014

Review: TIPS (The Incredible Protection System) - Cuticle Oil

T.I.P.S - The Incredible Protection System

"In our daily routine, fingernails are exposed to a multitude of chemicals, surfaces, moisture and trauma. T.I.P.S. Nail Conditioner penetrates the surface of the nail with beneficial natural ingredients, inhibiting the absorption of damaging substances and chemicals that bombard the nail structure daily. It will transform your cracked, dry, peeling nails into strong, beautiful nails" - ASK Cosmetics

Polish is: OPI - Alcatraz Rocks
The brand claims that this product promotes strong, healthy nails and beautiful cuticles. 

I have been using this oil on and off for around six months. I use it around the cuticle area after finishing painting my nails and underneth the length of my nails. This is a nice cuticle oil and I have liked using it, although because the bottle is so small (5ml / 0.17fl oz) I keep loosing it. 

It being in a polish like bottle makes it easy to apply and less messy than a cuticle oil with a dropper type applicator. As this is so easy and mess free to apply you can use it multiple times a day, you can't over moisturise your cuticles but you can under moisturise them.

Another positive of this is I have accidently got it in my eyes and it doesn't sting or hurt (unlike the Leighton Denny Slick Tips). I'm not saying put it in your eye on purpose but it is good to know if it happens it won't sting.


The scent of this is a bit oily, as it is an oil this is to be expected although I can't think of anything I have smelt before to help describe it.

This is an oil so it isn't a base coat treatment product, but over time it helps my nails not to split or flake when I do the quickly do the dishes and forget to wear rubber gloves. Although I would say always wear the gloves!

Ingredients: Soybean Oil, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben & Other Ingredients.


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