31 December 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL - Cosmic Blue 90

Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-HD-hi-definition-intense-colour-Cosmic-Blue-90-reviewSchwarzkopf Live Color XXL - Cosmic Blue 90

I finally went back to black, I had been trying to dye my hair purple for around two - three years. First bleaching it with Bblond and trying Colour B4 (twice) to get the ten years of black dye out of my hair. First having a purple under layer, then all over bleaching it to lighten it enough to take a purple. It worked to a certain degree and while I did like having purple hair it just wasn't me. I tried going red after I had finished trying purple which again just wasn't me.

So back to black, I had tried this dye numerous times in the past before it became the 'HD' version. In the past I always found the dye to dye my scalp a blue colour and leave my hair black which shined blue in the sunlight for a week, before fading to a standard black. Black hair makes me feel more me, if that makes any sense.

What is in the box?


I actually cut my hair before using this, it is now 34" from hairline to ends and I used two boxes of this dye to colour all of my hair. As previously the case, it dyed my scalp a blue colour, which washed off after two further shampoos.


 The dye didn't seem any different from the dye I had been using a few years back despite the re-branding to HD. The dye certainly turned my scalp blue as you can see above! But after a couple of washes my hair was purely black without any blue.

Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-HD-hi-definition-intense-colour-Cosmic-Blue-90-review  Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-HD-hi-definition-intense-colour-Cosmic-Blue-90-review

If you want black - blue hair then I don't think this dye is the way forward, however if you want cool toned black hair then yes this dye is great for that and is one I will continue to buy and use.


30 December 2014

2014: Nail Art Top 10 - My Picks

So we have seen the top five nail art posts which were most popular on the blog but I think it is nice to look back and to see my choices and how they differ from those. These are in no particular order:

Black Holo Snowflakes
[Details Here]
I liked these because for me they were very wearable and very me.

Gradient Holo Dotticure
[Details Here]
 I do like dotticures, gradients and holos as well as purples so these were great for me. I quite like the smallness of the dots.

Wedding Guest Nails
[Details Here]
Again with the holo polish, with a purple base and some silver studs it was quite simple but not boring. That and I got to see my friend get married :)

Patchwork Nails
[Details Here]
These nails were freehanded, while I do have a similar stamp I thought this added to the patchwork effect. Reminded me of Sally for Nightmare Before Christmas.

Nightmare Before Christmas
[Details Here]
Speaking of Nightmare Before Christmas I liked these nails as well, I was surprised it had taken me so long to get around to doing these nails!

Fingerprint Nails
[Details Here]
Halloween came and went and these were some of the nails I did for that. I quite liked how the stamping looked over a textured base. The mini french tips were cute as well I thought.

Holographic Chevrons 
[Details Here]
 Back to more holographic polish, this stamped perfectly and the colours seemed to work really well together. I didn't want to remove this at all.

It's Me, Mario!
[Details Here]
First time in a while I was able to concentrate on anything long enough to do some freehand nails. I really liked how these turned out. Mario and everything looking a bit blocky and mis-coloured really worked with the 1980's version of Super Mario.

Black Holo Clouds
[Details Here]
 I think there is a running theme of holographic designs this past year! I liked these ones because they were quite simple, black and silver. Really easy to do and looked good with the squoval shaped nails.

Frozen's Olaf 
[Details Here]
These were something I freehanded after watching the movie, I was late to the Frozen party, not having children or having any inclination towards Disney meant I didn't care too much for it. However it did inspire these cute nails, I liked the holo gradient as well as the icy stamped snowflakes.


29 December 2014

2014: Top 5 Other Posts

While this blog is mainly nail art and polish swatches I do try and add little bits of other things in to the mix. These are the top five posts of 2014 which aren't nail art related (2013 can be found here)

Number Five - Leighton Denny Ultra Glam Set

Number Four - Revlon Colorstay Pump Bottle DIY

Number Three - ELF Tone Adjusting Primer

Number Two - L'Oréal Féria - Violet Vendetta

Number One - Swatches: L'Oreal - Nude Magique Eau De Teint

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All the best for 2015!


28 December 2014

2014: Top Five Nail Posts!

If you want to know what the top 5 nail posts were for 2013 then you can see those here, and also 2012,

So these are the top five most viewed nail art designs I have done during 2014. I think it is very interesting to see which you, the viewers like the most and how they differ from my favourites;

Number Five - Purple Glitter Dotticure

Number Four - Peach Flames

Number Three - Skyline

Number Two - Pink Ruffles

Number One - Green Trees

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All the best for 2015!