3 January 2015

Lush: Dashing Santa Bath Bomb (Christmas 2014)

Review-Lush-Dashing-Santa-Bath-Bomb-Ballistic-Christmas-2014Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

I got this bath bomb for Christmas and wanted to try it out quite soon as I really like the bath bombs which aren't full of glitter or random bits. There is a little bit of 

lustre in this one, however it is minimal and something which you don't really notice.

Dashing Santa seemed to fizz away at different speeds, with his feet going first. Once he had finished fizzing the water you are left with was a orange red colour with a slight shimmer to it.

The scent of this didn't linger on my skin, however while I was in the bath it was quite uplifting from the citrus scents.

I found that this really left my skin feeling soft and moisturised without feeling too greasy. Not having to moisturise your body in the winter is always a bonus as its to cold! I was able to wash my hair in this water fine, although I do rinse it in the shower afterwards. Some other moisturising bath bombs leave too much of a oily coating on my hair.

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