11 January 2015

Shopping: December 2014

Not quite shopping I did during December, more me sharing some of the things I got gifted for Christmas as I didn't buy anything for me during December. 

Three black polishes, because I go through black polishes so fast!
High Maintenance - 85 (Black)
La Femme - Ebony

Llarowe - Black Gold, Texas Tea
Sally Hansen - Copper Penny
MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Persian Turquoise
La Femme - Passion

Barry M - Chameleon Blue
Avon - Starburst Black
ELF - Fairy Dust
ELF - Dark Navy
Leighton Denny - Embellish Me

OPI 12 Piece Mini Christmas Discovery Colletion
OPI - Avojuice - Cran & Berry
OPI - Avojuice - Apple Pie Spice
OPI - Carol About You
OPI - Kiss Me or ELF
OPI - First Class Desires
OPI - What's Your Point-Settia?
OPI - Red Fingers and Mistletoe
OPI - Nail Envy
OPI - Nude Envy
OPI - Rapid Dry
OPI - Avoplex
OPI - Pink Envy

Leighton Denny 8 Piece Crystal Collection
 LD - Gemstone Buzz
LD - Crown Jewels
LD - Girls Best Friend
LD - Crystalize Me
LD - Crystal Finish Top Coat
LD - Diamond Rose

Leighton Denny 6 Piece Glamourous Hands Collection
LD - Undercover Base Coat
LD - Crystal Finish Top Coat
LD - Slick Tips
LD - Really Royal
LD - Purple Reign
LD - Party at the Palace
LD - Gold Save the Queen
LD - It's An Honour

OPI - I Break For Manicures
OPI - Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI
OPI - Miss You-Niverse

Along with nail polish I also have an addiction to lip balm, I have to have at least one within reaching distance. Usually more than one!

Born Lippy Lip Balm from The Body Shop

Various other lip balms, from Amazon, Avon, Claire's, Paul Frank and Poundland

I also got some Yankee Candle bits
Black Cherry is my favourite scent I have tried so far.

Salted Caramel is a gorgeous caramel scent, smells like you have been baking something sweet. Downside to it is makes me want to eat caramel chocolate.

There were a couple of other things I got gifted but I don't have them to hand. I will tag them on to things I bought during January which otherwise would be minimal I imagine.


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