4 February 2015

Review: Elemis FreshSkin - Make Up Away Cleansing Wipes

Elemis FreshSkin - Make Up Away Cleansing Wipes
"Don't wipe out, wipe off... Elemis make-up removing wipes are enriched with elderflower extract and chamomile to gently sweep away impurities whilst softening and conditioning the skin. This formulation acts as a purifying cleanser and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin" - Elemis UK

I won these in a giveaway, this doesn't affect my views. The FreshSkin range from Elemis is aimed at teens to early twenties.

As a rule I don't use make up removing wipes, which is why this package has lasted well over a year. However we all know that wipes do have there advantages in situations such as travelling or festivals.

The wipe itself is quite moist even after being open and closed over a year, which is always good because a dry make up removing wipe is frustrating and leads to scrubbing which is not good for your facial skin. It also has a waffle texture which helps to remove make up.

They leave my skin feeling soft and not stripped the way some wipes can do, I would still recommend using a moisturiser afterwards though. They do not sting when used over the eye area and they do remove waterproof mascara relatively well.

These have a RRP of £9.50 / $16 for 25 wipes which for me is extortionate for wipes. They are good wipes though so if you happen to have excess money then I would say go for it, however bare in mind that there are cheaper make up remover wipes on the market which are equally as good as these.


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