25 March 2015

Review: Aussie - Dual Personality Style Coloured Protection and Shine Serum

Review-Aussie-Dual-Personality-Style-Coloured-Protection-and-Shine-SerumAussie - Dual Personality Style Coloured Protection and Shine Serum

This product has such a mouthful of a name. According to the Boots website this is what the product is supposed to be about; "Aussie Dual Personality Styling Shine & Coloured Hair Protection Serum is lovingly infused with Jojoba oil. Aussie's serum turns up the shine on colour and leaves hair soft and conditioned. Just give the bottle a little shake, work it through your hair and be amazed at the result"

I only used this once and just didn't like it. I applied one pump to clean damp hair and it just left my hair really sticky. It didn't dry down and so after waiting about an hour I ended up having to wash my hair again. Which is always annoying.

Generally I use a little bit of serum or hair oil through my hair after washing and leave it to dry naturally but this just completely didn't work for me. I have very long straight hair for reference. My sister also tried this, her hair is curly and often likes different things to me but she didn't like this either.

I was hoping to find a positive about this, however even the scent isn't great. It smells very strongly of alcohol in the bottle. With that amount of alcohol in it I struggle to see how this could ever be smoothing or conditioning. It is a clear serum and has a lot of silicone's in it which definitely give a lot of slip when tested on my hand, the scent is nicer that way too, smells like shampoo. Just for using on my hair it didn't work for me.

£4.99 - 75ml



  1. What a bummer having to wash your hair again :/ I don't think I've seen this product around, although we do have Aussie in Greece! What's your favorite hair oil ? :) x

    1. I'm quite liking the avon moroccan / argan oil one.


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