30 April 2015

Pick n' Mix 52 Week Challenge: Oceanic + 3 Neons

The ocean and neons aren't something which would traditionally go together. The way I tried to make the two go together was by using the neons as a very small micro French tip, over the wave stamping,


Base Polish: Perumba - Cornflower Blue
Stamping Polish: Barry M - Blue Plum
Stamping Plate: Nail Craze 02
Neon Polishes: 
Color Club - Twiggie
Color Club - Poptastic
Color Club - Wham Pow


29 April 2015

Review: Lush - Bombardino (Christmas 2013)

Very delayed review because he was hiding in my Lush box. Oops.

"Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute combine beautifully to create an uplifting and comforting lemon-cheesecake aroma, and bits of cocoa butter from his whipped hat melt into the bath water to soften up winter skin" - Lush

Light citrus scent which didn't linger on my skin afterwards, however while I was in the bath I did find it to be more uplifting than relaxing.

There were a couple of bubbles but as this was a bath bomb rather than a bubble bar this was to be expected.

It turned the water a yellow colour which I always find slightly off putting. It also seemed to have a little bit of golden lustre / shimmer in the water.

I found this to be quite moisturising, not as oily as Butterball though.

Overall this was an okay bath bomb, uplifting and moisturising.



28 April 2015

Nails: Leopard Accent


Base Polish: High Maintenance - Black 85, Leighton Denny - Supermodel
Leopard Print Foil: Born Pretty Store - Nail Foil C17


27 April 2015

Swatch: Maybelline Colordrama - Keep it Classy 210


Maybelline ColorDrama is marketed as being a slim lip kohl, I would describe it as being a bigger lip pencil, one you do need a larger sharpener to sharpen as this isn't a mechanical pencil.

The texture of the lip pencil is creamy and very similar to a regular lipstick. You can feel it on your lips but it isn't drying the way in which you may expect from a kohl pencil. The wear time is that of a standard lipstick, it doesn't claim to be long lasting. There is no scent to this product.

Keep it Classy 210 is a warm pink toned colour which does leave a stain on the lips once the initial colour wears off.


My lips are quite pigmented and so I also swatched Keep it Classy, along with Nude Perfection and Berry Much from the same line on the back of my hand.



26 April 2015

Tutorial: Cloud Nails

I did some cloud nails for a nail challenge I was doing last year and someone asked for a tutorial. Cloud nails are very simple to do, and look more complicated than they are.


What do I need?
Two or three polishes (I used Yes Love - K033, Color Club - Pucci-licious)
Top Coat

Cloud-Nail-Nails-Tutorial Cloud-Nail-Nails-Tutorial Cloud-Nail-Nails-Tutorial Cloud-Nail-Nails-Tutorial

1) Paint your base polish coat
2) Using a different polish, paint three 'clouds'
3) Using your base polish (or third polish) paint three 'clouds' leaving a small amount of second polish showing.
4) Top coat the nail art

I did originally try and do a tutorial on my nails but the colours I chose maybe weren't the best for showing the technique;

1) Base polish [A England - Crown of Thistles]

2) Using a different polish, paint three 'clouds' [A England - Lady of the Lake]

3) Using your base polish paint three 'clouds' leaving a small amount of second polish showing

Here are a couple of other colour ways I have used using the cloud nail technique;
[Details Here]
[Details Here]

I think the cloud nails idea came originally from NailSide, if you know different do let me know.


Sunday Stamping: Flower Nails

It has been a while since I did a Sunday Stamping challenge. This week the prompt was flowers and birds;


Base Polishes: 
MUA - Frozen Yoghurt
ELF - Gum Pink
Maybelline - Cool Blue
Stamping Polish: MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Stamping Plate: Cheeky CH44