12 April 2015

Empties: March 2015

Firstly I finished three nail polishes this month;
Max Factor - Graffiti - swatch
17 - Peacock - swatch
La Femme - Pink Cream

Aldi - Miracle Oil - Very similar to Moroccan Oil, I would repurchase but getting to Aldi is an issue.
Lush - Snow Fairy - Shower gel which smells of pear drops, all kinds of sweet. I don't like the little bottles from Lush, they are such a pain to squeeze so I would get a larger bottle when its out again at Christmas.
MUA - Lip Gloss - Smells sweet. I don't really wear gloss, I got this for a costume I was dressing up wearing. So not something I would repurchase.
Lip Smacker - Sprite Lip Balm - I do like lip smacker lip balms, I did hear a rumour that the company is no more which makes me worry because I have a lip balm addiction.

And finally more bath related empties;
 Avon - Mandarin and White Jasmine Bubble Bath - This made lots of bubbles but it wasn't particularly scented.
Lush - Sex Bomb - I think over the winter months there is always one of these in my empties every month! Always repurchase, my favourite scented one [full review].


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