1 April 2015

Review: Vitamin E - Hot Cloth Cleanser (Superdrug)

review-Superdrug-Vitamin-E-Hot-Cloth-Cleanser review-Superdrug-Vitamin-E-Hot-Cloth-Cleanser

"Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser with muslin cloth is ideal for removing dirt and make-up whilst providing gentle exfoliation. The rich and creamy formula also contains a skin conditioning multivitamin complex comprising vitamins A, B, F and H, which combined with horse chestnut extract, helps to care for dry skin" - Superdrug

I like this hot cloth cleanser, it easily removes long lasting make up such as Revlon ColourStay.

Suitable for removing eye makeup. It breaks down water proof mascara and doesn't irritate my eyes even when it has gone in them.

It is a thick cream which easily spreads over the face breaking down the make up, easily removed with the muslin cloth provided. I would recommend buying more muslin cloths, you can get these cheap from baby departments.

Leaves my face feeling soft, gently exfoliated and not tight or uncomfortable. I do use a night moisturiser after this before bed.

The fragrance is quite plain, ever so slightly of sun screen. But nothing over powering or which lingers on your skin.

You get 200ml which is quite a fair amount, especially considering the price.

£4.99 - 200ml


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