5 April 2015

Shopping: March 2015

Lush Shampoo Bar - Honey I Washed My Hair
Lush-Honey-I-Washed-My-Hair-Shampoo-Bar Lush-Honey-I-Washed-My-Hair-Shampoo-Bar
Haven't had a chance to use this enough yet, however it has made the bathroom smell amazing.

First nail polish purchases of the year, very spring appropriate!

Matte Liquid Lipsticks
Matte-Liquid-Lipsticks Matte-Liquid-Lipsticks

Stamping Plate Holder
This fits hexagon shaped plates in it easily.

Another phone cover for 99p



  1. great stuff - i wish i would be able to understand how to use the shampoo bars XD <- definitely not able to!

    1. Wet hair, rub the bar in a circle around your head a couple of time, put down bar and use your fingers to massage your scalp as usual. Or you can rub a wet bar in your palms a few times the way you would soap, put down the bar, then using the suds on your hands massage your hair and scalp as usual :)


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