6 April 2015

Swatch: L'Oreal - J-Lo's (Cheryl's) Nude Lipstick

Swatch-Review-L'Oreal-loreal-J-Lo's-Cheryl's-Nude-Lipstick Swatch-Review-L'Oreal-loreal-J-Lo's-Cheryl's-Nude-Lipstick

Typically I prefer to wear something which isn't nude on my lips, however sometimes you need a nude lip especially when going heavier with the eye make up. My natural lip colour is quite pigmented which needs toning down at times.

Swatch-Review-L'Oreal-loreal-J-Lo's-Cheryl's-Nude-Lipstick Swatch-Review-L'Oreal-loreal-J-Lo's-Cheryl's-Nude-Lipstick

This is J-Lo's Nude, or previously named Cheryl's Nude, there was some confusion over this but both shades are the same colour. Previously Cheryl's Nude was available in the UK and J Lo's Nude in the US, however now the lipstick isn't limited edition it now is J Lo's Nude in both countries.

Swatched on my lips, please excuse my hair falling across my face;

The lipstick smells of parma violets, leaning towards that more old fashioned lipstick scent. I don't find it lingers once applied though.

I would say this is around 70% opaque although you can build this up a little more. It does cover up a freckle which I have on my lip.

The finish to this is a glossy lipstick, and quite moisturising. I found it didn't cling to dry patches too much and the wear time isn't too long due to its very glossy, moisturising finish.


Overall I think this is a great colour for my pale, yellow undertoned skin type. It is a nude lipstick but not one that makes me look dead, or one that is too strictly nude.

The packaging is quite sleek looking although the lid only goes on one way round which is a little frustrating when trying to put the lid back on one handed. The lipstick itself has the branding on it which you can see above.

L'Oreal have brought out a handful of different nude lipsticks, depending on your colouring you should be able to find your perfect nude.


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