4 May 2015

Make Up: Single Eyeshadow - I Won't Be Alone

Everyone seems to be swept up in the great quality, value for money eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution. While they are good I think the single shadows are looked over. Previously I swatched the complete Merged eyeshadow collection here. I will also be swatching and reviewing single eyeshadow in 'Insomnia' soon too.

Today I have 'I Won't Be Alone' to share with you;


I Won't Be Alone is a dark, indigo shimmer shade.


It isn't the most pigmented, but it builds up to this intensity after two or three layers. I find this can be a good thing as it is easy to add more to get the colour you want, rather than it being too much which you can't take away. Blended out easily.



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