27 May 2015

Review: The Body Shop - Almond Conditioning Hand Wash

Review-The-Body-Shop-Almond-Conditioning-Hand-WashI hadn't tried any of the hand washes from The Body Shop before this one, I actually was working my way through the chocolate orange one from Carex (which smells exactly like Terry's chocolate orange).

The packaging of this works well, it is a plastic bottle with a pump. One pump of the hand wash is enough to wash my hands with, and does leave them feeling clean.

It is creamy and leaves my hands feeling nice, not dried out the way other hand washes can do if you happen to wash your hands too many times. In the same vein I didn't find it left any sort of sticky or oily residue on my hands either.

The scent of this is to me of marzipan, or almonds however you look at it. It reminded me of Smitten hand lotion I used to really like from Lush before it was discontinued. Another Lush product, Snow Cake soap smells quite similar, along with the limited edition perfume.

Overall this is a nice hand wash for those who like almond / marzipan scents as well as wanting a more moisturising hand wash. It is a bit expensive for hand wash at £5 for 250ml however The Body Shop often have 50% off deals.

The Body Shop


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