14 June 2015

Empties: May 2015

This past month I seem to have finished a lot of products again. 

Nail Products;
TIPS Cuticle Oil - A cuticle oil which doesn't sting if you happen to get in your eyes [review].
Leighton Denny Under Cover Base Coat - I quite like this base coat, it dries to a semi matte so you know when it is dry and you are ready for your colour. Life is to short for bad base coats!
ELF - Punk Purple - I like this colour, but won't be repurchasing as ELF isn't easily accessible in the UK any more [swatch].
Rimmel - Night Before - I liked this but won't be repurchasing as I have a dupe of this from Stargazer [swatch].

Body Products;
Radox Berry Burst - Shower Gel - I really wanted to like this but it was a very thin gel and there wasn't much scent to it.
So Sinful - Body Lotion - A thin lotion, it wasn't drying or particularly moisturising. The scent did linger on the skin for this.
Heathcote and Ivory - Vintage Rose - Hand Lotion - A thick, heavy duty hand cream, very heavily rose scented.
Next - Diamonds - This perfume is a dupe for Dior Miss Cherie, it has been long discontinued though otherwise I would repurchase.

 Makeup Products;
ELF - Brightening Lavender Primer - While I like the ELF primer, I didn't find the brightening lavender to be any different to the standard primer [review].
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - While I do like this foundation this shade is to dark for my skin, I however used it up by mixing it in with Revlon Colorstay Ivory [review].
The Body Shop - Lip and Cheek Stain - This was out of date to thought it was best to throw it out. I don't really get along with liquid blush [review].
Lush - Snow Fairy Solid Perfume - This took some getting through, I don't think solid perfume in this form is something I would repurchase.
ELF - HD Blush - Headliner - For me this always seems to have a lot of shimmer in it which isn't something I like, so time to pass it on to someone else see if they can use it.

Lip Products;
The Body Shop - Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer - Far to glittery for me, I couldn't finish this one. [review].
Lip Smackers - Coca Cola Vanilla Lip Balm - This one was really sweet tasting and smelling, I would repurchase this but I think lip smackers went in to administration?



  1. Coca Cola Vanilla is my fav scent from Lip Smackers, I didn't understand what happened to the company though

    1. Early this year Bonne Bell Cosmetics, the maker of Lip Smackers, announced that it will be shutting down operations. Hope they come back though! :)

  2. Oh I never heard about Lip Smackers, I liked their Fanta ones! I never finish nail polish :(

    1. I know its sad news, there were always lots of interesting scents / flavours :(


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