3 June 2015

Review: The Body Shop - Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer

Review-The-Body-Shop-Born-Lippy-Satsuma-Shimmer Review-The-Body-Shop-Born-Lippy-Satsuma-Shimmer

I got this lip balm for Christmas in a set of five different born lippy balms. You can buy them separately so I thought as I worked my way through the various flavours I would review them.


So this particular one wasn't one I liked unfortunately. It really did smell of that traditional Body Shop satsuma which was nice as was the texture but what I wasn't keen on was the amount of shimmer. I tended to use this at night before bed and every morning I would wake up with fine glitter smeared over my mouth area.

Perhaps one for the younger lip balm addicts.

The Body Shop


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