17 June 2015

Review: ELF - Studio Single Eyeshadow Sea Blue


"The beautiful soft texture melts into the skin for a vibrant color that lasts. Convenient and easy to apply, just layer the colour to achieve the desired intensity" - ELF UK

ELF-eyes-lips-face-studio-single-eyeshadow-sea-blue-swatch-review ELF-eyes-lips-face-studio-single-eyeshadow-sea-blue-swatch-review

After trying out the studio eyeshadows in the past (Amethyst, Raspberry Truffle, Charcoal) and finding that two of them were nicely pigmented and I enjoyed using them I thought I would try out a different shade. This time I got Sea Blue which is a nicely pigmented eyeshadow. 


There is 2.75g of product in the pan which is good, the packaging is black and sleek looking. Inside of the packaging is a small mirror which I have been known to use when I have forgotten a bigger mirror. The eyeshadow is mostly matte with a small amount of shimmer but nothing glittery or in your face.

I quite like this eyeshadow and will look in to getting other shades, particularly interested in Coffee Bean and Saddle.

2.75g - ELF UK


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