12 July 2015

Empties: June 2015

Usually I finish a nail polish before throwing it out, because they can be saved with some polish thinner. But for both of these ELF one's they went gritty in texture so out they went:
ELF - Party Peach - As I said the texture went odd with this polish. Not one I will be repurchasing [swatch].
ELF - Teal Blue - Same as with the party peach [swatch].
Revlon - Cuticle Remover - This separated and didn't work too well, I prefer the Sally Hansen cuticle remover.
OPI - Unripened - I like this colour and finish, it was a Halloween special polish and I would buy a full bottle [swatch].

Leighton Denny - Precision Corrector - I really like this, it seems to work better than pure acetone as well as not drying out the cuticles. 

Waitrose - Larger Cotton Wool Balls - These are my favourite cotton wool balls for removing nail polish with, they are big and you can break the ball up in to lots of pieces meaning I can remove a full set of nails with one cotton ball.
Sally's - Acetone - I go through this quickly. Only place I have found acetone in larger quantities.

Frizz Ease - Shampoo and Conditioner Sample - I'm not sure where the sample came from but I have used the full sized versions and quite liked them [full review].
Superdrug - Vitamin E - Hot Cloth Cleanser - This is my go to make up remover, it takes off everything and doesn't sting or hurt my eyes at all, will be repurchasing [full review].
Macadamia - Deep Repair Masque - This was okay but didn't do anything special, especially for the price [full review].

Sandy Bay - Indian Sandalwood Candle - This was a lot more pleasant than I was expecting. It smelt of clean linen rather than sandalwood.
Asda - Nourishing and Relaxing Hand Lotion - A very thin hand lotion, it dried really quickly and didn't leave a sticky or oily residue. It smelt nice but it didn't feel moisturising at all which for me defeats the object of using a hand lotion.
TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo - I really like this shampoo it keeps frizz away and means I don't have to heat treat my hair at all which is good. I tried to repurchase but I got a substitution on my order. 
ELF - Eyeshadow Brush - I really like the ELF eyeshadow brushes, this one was getting old and beginning to shed so I tried to cut a few of the stray hairs but hand an accident ended up hacking half the brush. So it was completely misshapen and unusable. I would repurchase but ELF UK is no more for the time being [full review].



  1. I love the sound of that candle! I'm sad that ELF have gone, but MUA have some nice bits.

    1. MUA do as well as Makeup Revolution, I think ELF are coming back at the end of summer as well which is good!

  2. my polishes grouped together to change their texture this month, definitely need to buy some new ones soon XD and well, you finished a lot of products O_O


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