22 July 2015

Review: Avon - Light Moisture Refreshing Face Gel Cream

Review-Avon-Light-Moisture-Refreshing-Face-Gel-Cream Review-Avon-Light-Moisture-Refreshing-Face-Gel-Cream

"For oily/combination skin, with refreshing and mattifying cucumber and witch hazel. Handy handbag size, lasting hydration and hypoallergenic. 100ml" - Avon UK

I was looking for a day moisturiser which didn't leave me looking shiny, my skin is combination and usual moisturisers leave me very shiny.

It is exactly what it says, a light moisturiser and cooling to the skin. It could be refreshing after being in the sun I think. The consistency of this is very much a gel texture.

Overall this is a good basic daily moisturiser which would be great for oily skin types. It works great for my more oily patches but it isn't enough for my more dry patches. It is refreshing and cooling which is nice in the warmer weather, not something I would like to use in the winter! 

I will continue to use this up but won't be repurchasing. Avon do various moisturisers in this range but for different skin types so I may buy the one for combination skin.

When I got this it was on a deal for £1.80, it typically retails for £3.80 


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