15 July 2015

Review: Kellogg's Rice Krispies - Lip Balm

Review-Rice-Krispies-Kelloggs-Lip-BalmAlong with nail polish I have a thing for lip balm, always have to have some sort of lip balm within arm length!

On to this one, the packaging is very retro and is just like the packaging for Rice Krispies. The balm itself is banana scented though rather than Rice Krispies.

As for lip balm qualities it is a soft balm and is moisturising, I think that is down to the coconut oil in the ingredients. From the texture of this I think it will be used up quite quickly. Finally this is a white balm but it doesn't translate on to the lips other than a shine.

While it may be a bit gimmicky I think it is great for lip balm fans or even for those who are Rice Krispies fans.



  1. hmmm wondering if lip balms that are flavoured like sweets would help resist them oooor if they actually make you want to eat that stuff :-D


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