27 July 2015

Swatch: Makeup Revolution Lipstick - No Perfection Yet (Iconic Pro)

Alongside the 'Amazing Lipstick' which retails for £1 Makeup Revolution now have brought out a range called 'Iconic Pro Lipstick'. These lipsticks retail for £2.49 and currently there are 20 shades to choose from.

Makeup-Revolution-Iconic-Pro-No-Perfection-Yet-Lipstick-Swatch-Review Makeup-Revolution-Iconic-Pro-No-Perfection-Yet-Lipstick-Swatch-Review Makeup-Revolution-Iconic-Pro-No-Perfection-Yet-Lipstick-Swatch-Review

The Iconic Pro lipsticks come in boxes whereas the Amazing Lipstick doesn't. The bullet shape is also different, this one has a rounded cap and the top clicks in to place whereas the other one has a blunt cap and doesn't click very well in to place which can be a problem if you are putting it in to your hand bag for on the go. On the bottom of the bullet is small cap with the lipstick in so you can easily see the colour of the lipstick without opening it which is useful.

Makeup-Revolution-Iconic-Pro-No-Perfection-Yet-Lipstick-Swatch-Review Makeup-Revolution-Iconic-Pro-No-Perfection-Yet-Lipstick-Swatch-Review

No Perfection Yet is a berry toned pink shade. It looks almost purple on the website and in the bullet but once applied to the lips it leans to a lighter more berry shade.


This is a creamy, easy to apply colour. It doesn't last the longest amount of time due to its formula but it feels nice on the lips, doesn't cling to any dry patches. I tend to apply this and blot then apply again and then it leaves a nice stain on the lips meaning it lasts longer.


Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick - No Perfection Yet



  1. just realized that the color also looks great with your blogs background. (ok, on your lips it also looks great, and it is not that pricy!)

    1. Thanks, I get comments saying the background is too busy on my blog but I think the text is still readable :)


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