30 August 2015

Make Up Collection: Over View

A few years ago I started a series about my make up collection, I never got around to finishing it though. So today I am starting it up again!

As you can see I keep the majority of my make up in plastic storage draws. On top of them I keep my necklaces and bracelets.

The draws are from poundland and come in stacks of two or three draw units. I dismantled them and stacked them higher to keep them more stable.

In between the two sets of draws there are some larger palettes, I keep other palettes inside of the draws.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing the contents of each draw.



  1. nice storage to keep all your bits n bobs together....x

    1. Yes and why spend money on storage when you can spend it on the contents :P

  2. Really looking forwards to those posts since I guess there will be a lot to discover :-D Love collection posts! (And well, the bracelets and necklaces are some collection already as well!)

    1. Yeah there is a lot of posts in the works! Maybe I should do a necklace collection post too?


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