24 August 2015

Swatch: Barry M Croc Effect - Burgundy

This is the Burgundy Croc Effect polish, I have already swatched the black one here, and compared the finish / effect to the crackle effect Barry M Polishes here.

So the basic idea is this is a polish you paint over another polish which isn't dry, has to be touch dry but not 100% dry. It takes longer than the ordinary crackle type polishes as well.

I have swatched this over a navy and a pink polish to show how it works. Basically it isn't very opaque and so you will have to use it over lighter colour bases.


I did notice a bit of a weird thing happening... it split quicker over my nail bed. I imagine it is something to do with my body heat.

1 comment:

  1. ok so i would be confused with having to apply on not 100% dry polish. but looks great on dark and light polishes!
    btw, i need your help - do you know of any brand that creates cruelty free black crackling polish? quite desperade since the company of the one i would have repurchased has been bought by some company that would test on animals and so it falls of my list -_-°


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