9 September 2015

Review: Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL - Deep Black 99


Having gone back to black on the hair front I had been using Cosmic Blue, which I had used many times before. This time though I thought I would just go straight for the black because with the Cosmic Blue it just didn't stay blue / black.

I completely forgot to take any photos of the contents of the box, however it was the same as the Cosmo Blue version which I previously reviewed;


My hair is 35" from hairline to ends and I used two boxes of dye to cover all of my hair. I could have gotten away with one and a half boxes though I think. As usual with hair dye I managed to dye my forehead and scalp black. This actually washed off in the second wash after dyeing my hair whereas with the blue version it took more washes.

Review-Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-Deep-Black-99 Review-Schwarzkopf-Live-Color-XXL-Deep-Black-99

Overall this dye does what it is supposed to and I liked it, especially seeing as it was on an offer when I bought it as I need more than one box. I will probably repurchase this dye, but am considering going a shade lighter, 1B off black rather than straight up 1 jet black.




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