11 October 2015

Empties: September 2015

This past month has been quite manic, so haven't used up as much as I usually do:

Leighton Denny - Slick Tips - I like this it does its job as a cuticle oil well, I already have a back up. The lemon grass scent isn't my favourite though [full review].
Leighton Denny - Crystal Finish Top Coat - This top coat is good as a quick drying one however it smudges any nail art so I would use this as a top coat over a base polish but reach for HK Girl as my actual seal all nail art in top coat.
Yes Love - 403 - Lovely shimmer polish, Yes Love isn't in the UK so not something I could repurchase [swatch].


 Asda - Skin System Hand and Nail Lotion - Thin consistency, not overly moisturising but it does sink in quickly and doesn't leave any residue on the skin so it is good on the go. The scent is clean and fresh, Glad to have finished it and move on to the next one in my stash.
TRESemmé - Luxurious Moisture Shampoo - I thought this gave me dandruff so I stopped using it and left it in my shower for far to long. Then I got a new power shower and tried it again and it was fine, it made my hair feel thicker than with other shampoos. I would repurchase it.
Born Lippy - Raspberry - Classic raspberry scent, this lip balm did what it was supposed to do and wasn't glittery or shimmery, I would use this balm again.
Bubblegum Lipbalm - I go through lipbalm so quickly! This one was nice, lightly scented of bubble gum, it felt like it was good on my lips rather than those lipbalms that do nothing like petroleum based ones. I have other ones from this brand otherwise I may repurchase.
Lush - Candy Fluff Perfume - I loved this, very sad to see it go. Smelt very sweet.


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