18 October 2015

Make Up Collection: Blush


Looking in to my third draw in the first storage unit, we have blushers. I also have swatches at the end of the post. Going left to right;

MUA Mosaic English Rose Shade 3 - This is more of a highlighter, not much colour pay off but nice for a glowing look.

ELF Color Stick Pink Lemonade - Very pigmented, have to be careful not to go overboard with this. Especially as its a cream.

ELF Blush Shy - I really like this one, its a day to day blusher. Quite light and not sure it would show up on darker skin tones.

ELF Mineral Blush Rose - This is almost the opposite of the previous blush, very pigmented and on my pale skin tone I have to be very careful to not look like a clown. It is however a nice colour.

ELF Mineral Blush Coral - I'm not really a fan of coral blushes on myself but its always good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

ELF Mineral Blush Joy - This is my go to blusher, very similar to ELF Shy but this is in a mineral format so more messy. It works best on lighter skin tones, not sure it would show up on darker tones.

Models Own Cheeky Pink - Very similar in colour to my favourite ELF blushes, this has a slight shimmer to it though so is a bit different.

MUA Bittersweet - Pigmented cream blusher, I like the colour of it. I just don't know how I feel about cream blushes.

ELF Mellow Mauve - Slightly darker than Shy and Joy, I like this one in the colder months.


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