7 October 2015

Nails: #PartyPolished

This is my entry in to the bonprix inspired by a dress nail art competition. The dress I was inspired by was the Lace Yoke Maxi dress, it is plain black with a lace detail over the chest and back area. I like the dress, it is black and simple but with a twist which is something which appeals to me.

For the nails I used Miss Sporty Goth Me Up as a base, then stamped lace to the tips of my nails using BP02. Then I went in with a nail art brush to create a V shape neck line on each nail and then using Nails Inc New York Noir I filled in the area from the V neck to the cuticle area in a solid black colour.


Nails Inc - New York Noir
Miss Sporty - Goth Me Up
MoYou - Special Nail Polish - Black
Born Pretty Store 02



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