3 October 2015

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 410 (BM410)


This stamping plate is from the forth Bundle Monster set, the first CYO (create your own). It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp, comes covered with a blue cellophane sticker which you have to peel off before use.


On BM410 there are four full nail images and two smaller ones. I think the herring bone is my favourite design. All of the designs were trickier to work with but working quickly helps a lot.

You can see all of the designs I have used this plate in here, and some of those are below:





  1. Ooh, I love that neon yellow and black mani. It's the same pattern as the top one, but it really pops with the second color choices. Love it!!!

    1. That is what I like about stamps, you can completely change the look with different colours.


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