18 November 2015

Review: Freedom Makeup - Eyebrow Pomade Ebony


The packaging is a glass jar with a plastic screw on lid, there is a lot of jar without product in. Has a thick glass base which while for the price isn't a problem as you get 2.5g of product it is something to be aware of.


Ebony is the second darkest shade in the eyebrow pomade line, when this first arrived I thought it was too warm and brown toned to go with my dyed black hair. However this wasn't the case, it works fine. I would say this would be good for dark brown hair, it is a little warmer in tone that you would need if you had jet black hair.


I used quite a light hand for the application below, the "instagram power brow" isn't something for me personally. You could easily go bolder and get a darker look with Ebony. My natural brows are too light for my black hair, they are also a bit sparse and not too defined;


So in an eyebrow product I am looking for something to thicken the brow as well as darken it;


I like to use this with a dense small angled brush, particularly the one from ELF. I lightly dip the brush in to the pomade which is similar in texture to a gel eyeliner. Then I wipe off the excess on the lid and start brushing it on to the brow from about 1cm in. Bushing it on in hair like strokes. Creating a defined shape and making my brow look fuller. Once I have used most of what was on the brush then I fill in the front part.

This lasts all day in the brows, it is easy to work with and you can easily change up how strong of a brow you want with this. I like to set the gel with a powder as this adds more hair like definition rather than purely a block of colour.


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