9 November 2015

Shopping: Freedom Makeup

I wasn't going to do a Freedom Makeup order as to me it seemed the products were very similar to the sister brand Makeup Revolution and similar prices. That was until they brought out there Eyebrow Pomade, I wanted to try out the Anastasia Brow Pomade but didn't want to spend £15 on it.

So the product that made the order happen was Eyebrow Pomade in Ebony, the second darkest shade. Initially I thought it would be too light and warm toned against my black hair but actually it is dark and ashy enough.


The second thing I ordered was the Duo Brow Powder in Ash Brown, again the second darkest shade. Again this looked like it would be far too light for black hair but it is workable with, something I could use on its own to give my brows definition and make them look less sparse.


Superdrug was having a 3 for 2 offer so I got this Pro Lipstick Kit, Vamp Collection free. The formula is creamy and pigmented. Dark Paradise is a gorgeous dark purple, which unfortunately isn't available to buy separately.


I will be reviewing and swatching these products once I have had a chance to use them a little more.



  1. I can't wait to read your review, I had no idea this brand even existed, although I am aware of Makeup Revolution! :) x

    1. They are very similar prices. So far everything seems great, the eyebrow pomade is good.


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