16 December 2015

Nail Polish Battle 2015: Pinks

Pink isn't one of my favourite polish colours but for some reason I seem to have acquired a few!

 Nails Inc - Queensbury Way // Nails Inc - William IV // Leighton Denny - Rosey Posey // Glamour - 825 // Nails Inc - Great Queen Place // Nails Inc - Blake Gardens // Leighton Denny - Heat Wave

In the top three are Nails Inc Great Queen Place, a neon pink. I really like the brush on these new polishes, flat and wide. They also are curved so fit the cuticle area easily.

Blake Gardens is another nice pink, this one is deeper in tone and more wearable to me.

The winner is Leighton Denny Heat Wave, it is a stunning glass flecked pink polish with a hint of red. Something which would look great in the summer (although we don't see much sun up north).

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