9 December 2015

Review: Aveniro - Glass Nail Files*

I was sent three glass nail files by Aveniro, one file for fingernails and the other two files are for feet. I have been using these for around a month now and have made my mind up on these.


"Sandblasting technique enables to create permanent designs of unlimited lifespan. Small-grained sand is sprayed under pressure through a template onto the glass nail file. Due to this process the top layers of glass fall off and a permanent design in shape of the template is created"

All of the files don't feel cheap and you can continue using these for years, a quick rinse under the tap and it is good to go again and again. The surface does not wear down due to the sandblasting technique. 

The first file, the nail  file is 19.5cm long and is 4mm thick. It has a 3D sticker on the handle which is a nice touch. The version shown has a rounded end and has a filing surface on both sides. It is a big file so probably one to keep at home rather than to have in your handbag.


I found the surface of this file to be quite intense, would be great for filing down the length of nail. In comparison to other glass nail files I would say it is not as gentle as Leighton Denny, OPI or the Mont Bleu. That said it isn't too harsh and it is still a better alternative to an emery board.


Overall I really like this file as it is so much better for your nails to file down the length rather than using clippers to shorten them. I managed to go from a almond shaped nail to a more pointed stiletto version. 

Freckles - I'll Need Wine

The second file is called 'the large foot scraper' which is basically a file for your feet, rather than your nails. It is 16.5cm long and 6mm thick. You use it on dry, calloused areas, for me that is the heels. It is a hefty chunk of glass which is great because you really can work it over the area without worrying the glass will break.


The handle on this in a purple pink gradient. One side is rougher than the other which means you can get the skin to be less rough and then smooth it down using the other side. The texture is rougher than the nail file so I wouldn't recommend using it on your nails.

The third file is a smaller version of the large foot file, being 13.5cm and again 6mm thick. This one is marketed as being good for travelling. It has all the same benefits as the larger one, but the handle is a solid pink rather than a gradient.


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