6 December 2015

Shopping: November 2015

 After using up seven polishes last month I may have had them replaced them this month, well it was my wedding anniversary!

New glitter Barry M gellys, and a creme one which I thought I already owned but didn't.
Sparkling Ruby // Sparkling Amethyst // Pomegranate

Nails Inc - A QVC AD drop, really liking the brushes flat but curved so they fit so easily around the cuticle curve.
Blake Gardens // Oakley Gardens // Palace Terrace Gardens // Queensbury Way // Savoy Row

Collection - Boots had a 3 for 2 deal running to I got three concealers. Fair is light enough for highlighting my pale skin, not sure about Cool Medium it might be too dark for regular concealing on me.
Fair 1 // Cool Medium 2

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Créme De Nude 93 - Heard this was a dupe for a yellow toned MAC Paint Pot. There was also a Créme De Rosé for pink undertones.

Primark Lip Liner 09


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