12 December 2015

Stamping Plate: Born Pretty Store - BP01

Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BP-01-BP01-Stamping-Plate Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BP-01-BP01-Stamping-Plate

Born Pretty Store came out with their own stamping plates a little while ago now, I wasn't tempted to get this Christmas plate in Spring because festive nails seemed so far away. I ended up buying this one in August when it was on a special offer.


The plate itself is backed with paper, so no sharp edges. It has three full nail images and eight single images. The full nail images are quite small, you could get away with the large tree and the scene images but if you have longer nails then then snowflake plate would be tricky to work with.

The majority of the images stamped really easily, I had issues with the top of the swirly tree though.

Once I have used the stamping plate you will be able to click here for all the nail art using the plate.

I also have a 10% off code for the website which you can use if you want to;

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