2 December 2015

Swatches: Freedom Makeup - Pro Lipstick Kit Vamp Collection


This set of lipsticks are exclusive to this pack so you can't get the separately.

Pure Vamp // Vamp Noir // Dusk Till Dawn // Dark Paradise // Intense Noir

Pure Vamp // Vamp Noir // Dusk Till Dawn // Intense Noir // Dark Paradise 

I had wanted Dark Paradise but as it was exclusive I ended up getting the set. The lipstick bullets come with the shade on the cap which helps to find which colour you are looking for in your collection.

Pure Vamp

The shade was smooth and opaque, it has a very slight golden shimmer running through it but it is barely noticeable and you can't feel it. A classic red.



Vamp Noir

I found this to be a little patchy and took a while to build up the opacity. That said it wasn't that much effort to work with. It seemed to be a bit chunky in texture too. A deeper red than Pure Vamp.



Dusk Till Dawn

Dusk Till Dawn is a vibrant berry colour, it was smooth and opaque.



Dark Paradise

In the bullet it looks like it may have some shimmer in it but it doesn't. It is smooth and opaque.



Intense Noir

This was the most disappointing lipstick in the set. Very patchy and really difficult to build up an even coverage, from the bullet it did not look good. I'd not leave the house with the lipstick as swatched below. Perhaps it would work over a plum lipliner.



Overall three of the lipsticks are great, one is a little tricky and one is a dud for me.

Freedom Makeup - £5



  1. Intense Noir and Dark Paradise are gorgeous! Definitely try Intense Noir over a plummy lipliner :)

    1. I will have to get one, I've lighter liners and a black one which is too dark.


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