10 January 2016

Empties: December 2015

 During December I used up five nail polishes;
Miss Sporty - Rain Drop - A lovely deep green cream polish [swatch].
Eyeko - Rain Polish - A blue toned grey polish from way back when Eyeko did nail polish.
Barry M - Buzz - A dusky pink, came free with a Sunday paper I think [swatch].
George - Smarty Pants - A Tiffany blue / green, I liked this one a lot [swatch].
Colour Couture - White Tip - Wasn't a fan of this, it smelt really bad and chipped quickly too.

Nails Inc - NailKale Base Coat - I don't really think the kale aspect of this is anything special. I do however really like the flat wide brush this comes with.
ELF - Cuticle Pen - I didn't find this was very good at all, quite dry and the nib was hard.

Ojon - Damage Repair Shampoo - This made my hair squeaky clean, not something I wanted to use all that often and as such I won't repurchase.
Asda - Dolly Mixture Bubble Gum Shower Gel - Smelt of bubble gum, was nice enough and I will be trying other scents in the range.
nSpa - Hot Cloth Polish - While this worked it was heavily scented, I found the scent to be quite masculine and it irritated my eyes. Not a repurchase for me [review].

Yankee Candle - Black Cherry - I really like this scent but I didn't find the mini candle had much of a scent throw. Perhaps it would have worked in a smaller room.
 Yankee Candle - Salted Caramel Wax Tart - A lovely scent throw for such a small tart.
Lush - Sex Bomb - My favourite, at this time of year this will pop up in empties time and time again! [review].


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