24 January 2016

Make Up Collection: Lip Liners

For today's blog post I wanted to get back in to the sharing of my make up collection, and it is the turn of my lip liners. I seem to have red, berry, nude and pink shades but only one dark one. I got the MUA Clear Anti Bleed one so I don't need to get every colour liner to go with every lipstick.


Makeup Revolution - The One // Makeup Revolution - Rebel // Makeup Revolution - Cherry Red // Makeup Revolution - Vamp // MUA - Brooding Plum // MUA - Clear Anti Bleed // ELF - Bark // Rimmel - Wine 061 // Primark PS Love - Dark Pink 09


Makeup Revolution Vamp isn't too pigmented on the lips.
Rimmel Wine 061 isn't a smooth formula.
Primark PS Love Dark Pink 09 is very creamy and pigmented, great formula.

All of the others are nice liners.



  1. I know you focus on nails but can you do a tiny review on the clear anti bleed liner? wondering how lipsticks would look like compared with and without it XD

    1. I will give it a go, I want to review it anyway :)


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