20 January 2016

Review: Freedom Makeup - Duo Brow Powder in Ash Brown


"Natural Brow Perfection from high impact Duo Eyebrow Powders. Available in ten duo-shades to create the perfect brow. Blend the duo to create the perfect match. Use the darker shade in areas with little to no hair, and the lighter shade over the rest of the brows. Shade: Ash Brown - for cool, very dark brown to black hair" - Freedom Makeup

My hair is usually dyed black, however the colour does fade and I do sometimes have lighter roots. When I am waiting to dye my hair I think on myself black brows look too harsh, but when my hair is freshly dyed they look fine.

So I ordered this powder, to use along with the darker brow pomade (swatches and review here), and without it.

On to some pictures:

First is my eyebrow without any product.

This is using only the lighter shade from the duo

And this is only using the darker of the two shades 

 Finally is my eyebrow using a combination of the two shades, focussing the lighter shade at the start of my brow moving in to the darker of the two for the main body of the brow

I like how there are two shades, it means depending on which colour stage my hair is I can customise the colour for my brows. The two shades also make an ombré brow easy to do with one product.

I find powders are quicker and easier to use which is good for times when time is short and you don't have any energy for a full on brow routine.


The colour looks almost too light in the pan for very dark hair but when applied it can build up to a dark colour. I think it is down to the browns being very cool toned which is usually what black is. There is a shade 'ebony' which is dark but more warm toned.



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