10 January 2016

Shopping: December 2015 (Everything Else)

This post is following on from last week's post showing all of the lovely nail polishes I was gifted over the festive season [here]. Today is other bits I got and I thought I would share. Which is why this isn't so much of a haul more of what I got gifted. Thank you to everyone who got me anything, it is gratefully appreciated!

I have a lip balm addiction so I got plenty of those;

Some new plugs, loving the earth and the moon

Frank n' Furter

Hand Lotion

There was another in the set but I really don't like coconut

Some make up

Lots of amazing smelling Yankee's



A RHPS Bracelet



  1. Thats some yankee candle collection XD and the moon plugs are amazing, what size are you?

    1. I know there were so many! I'm 10mm and 9mm at the moment, still working on the 9mm one.


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