3 January 2016

Shopping: December 2015 (Nail Polish Edition)

So during December I don't buy anything for myself only for others. Which is why this isn't so much of a haul more of what I got gifted. Thank you to everyone who got me anything, it is gratefully appreciated!

This first post is the nail polishes I got as I got quite a few polishes, 44 if were counting but it's best not to count these things. The next post will be everything else.

 Fiji // Licorice // Fishnet Stockings // Bahama Mama // Cocktail Bling

Haute Tub // Virgin Snow // Shall We Chalet

Cherry Dazzler // Dazzle // Frosted Peach // Cerulean Blue 295 // Black 275

 Nude // Plum // Pink // Wisteria // Mulberry // Base Top Coat

 Carnivale // Mojito // Plum Luck // Precious Gold // Sapphire Blue

Berry Good Looking // Cackle if you want to // Cherry Pudding // Violet

No More Mr Night Sky // Let Your Love Shine // I'm In The Moon For Love

Black Current // Black Grape // Black Cherry

Sugar Apple // Rose Hip // Sugar Plum

Chilli // Mustard // Cardamom // Paprika // Chai

Nightshade // Berry Cosmo // Vintage Violet


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