25 January 2016

Swatch: Makeup Gallery - Colour Moisture Lipstick Black Cherry 18

swatch-review-makeup-gallery-poundland-colour-moisture-lipstick-black-cherry-18 swatch-review-makeup-gallery-poundland-colour-moisture-lipstick-black-cherry-18

Makeup Gallery is a brand from Poundland. I hadn't tried any make up from the range before this lipstick, and I really liked this one. I can't say anything for other colour lipsticks from them but this particular one is pigmented, moisturising and lasted quite well.


The lipstick looks almost black in the bullet but swatched is very much a dark berry colour. It isn't too glossy but also isn't matte so lasts an average amount of time. That said for £1 it is worth it, colour is opaque in two swipes and lasts for a good few hours.





  1. Beautiful color! And actually looks much more interesting since it seems to fade a bit closer to the corner of your lips!

    1. And it was such a bargain at one pound. I wonder if others in the range are as good?


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