31 January 2016

What is in my Stamping Bag?

Today I am sharing what is inside of my nail stamping bag, it doesn't have my plates in or all of my stamping polishes. Just my go to stamping kit.


Lint Roll
I use this for cleaning off my stampers, it doesn't damage the heads the way acetone does.

MoYou Special Stamping Polishes
I really like the black one, the Persian Turquoise one isn't as opaque though.

Essence Stamping Polish
Again I really like this one, it is opaque and a bargain price.

Wikinsons Acrylic Paint
Not so impressed by the silver one but the black and white are really good and again are a great price.

Lush Card
I use this for scraping, prefer it to metal scrapers.

I got these free a long time ago. I use them for holding cotton wool balls which have been dipped in acetone so I don't end up messing up my nails pinching it with my fingers.

Black and White Striping Pens
I don't tend to use these too often but these colours are the ones I reach for most often when I do.

Dappen Dish
This is for acetone, for clean ups.

Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen
For clean ups again, I keep forgetting I have this. It is good though if you don't want to go down the acetone / brush route.

Ten Stampers
Excessive yes, however since I began stamping in 2010 technology has moved on and now there are more squishy heads, jelly heads, see through heads all so much easier to use than the first line Konad style one.



  1. acrylic paints?! I love them for everything I do, maybe this would finally enable me to stamp? XD (i still fail, after trying for so long.)

    1. Acrylic paint doesn't stamp, I use it for nail art details. As long as you put a top coat over it the design will stay put on the nail :)


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