27 February 2016

Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 424 (BM424)

This stamping plate is from the forth Bundle Monster set, the first CYO (create your own). It is backed with branded lining to stop it from being sharp, comes covered with a blue cellophane sticker which you have to peel off before use.


On BM424 there are two full nail images and three smaller ones. All of the images stamped across easily. I like the paw prints a lot and should use the butterfly wing image but it is a bit too small for my long nails at the moment.

You can see all of the designs I have used this plate in here.

26 February 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Fashion

I keep seeing either furry nails or micro french nails around at the moment. Not sure how practical furry nails are, especially the really long fur nails. So I chose to do micro french tips, mattified as the matte trend doesn't seem to be dying just yet,


Essie - Bahama Mama
Avon - Peach Frost
George - Matte Top Coat

25 February 2016

Swatch: Jacava - Blueberry Muffin


Colour: Lilac
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 12ml

24 February 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Palette*


This nail art palette is a small palette designed to be worn on a finger or thumb to use in nail art. It is made from metal which means you can clean it up with both water for acrylic paint and acetone for nail polish.

Here I used this to make a reverse stamping decal, I dotted some nail polish on the palette and then used that to paint on to the stamper. 


I really like the palette because nail polish dries really quickly and so having the dot of polish nearer the nail was a lot more convenient than somewhere else.


The palette has an expandable ring back which means it fits on both fingers and thumbs.

Overall this is a great addition to any nail artists kit. Reusable and convenient.

Helps with nail art by being so much nearer to the nail itself, as well as putting an end to the use of random bits of paper / cardboard / plastic as a temporary palette.

The plastic cup I have been using for a small amount of water to clean off the brush or make a polish sheerer when using acrylic paint.

You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

$5.08 - BornPrettyStore

23 February 2016

Nails: Animal Print Pants Outta Control

"This is how I roll, 
animal print, pants outta control, 
It's Redfoo with the big afro. 
And like Bruce Leroy I got the glow!"
Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO


Polished Used:
Barry M - Matte - Crush
Barry M - Matte White
ELF - Copper

Stamping Plates: Bundle Monster BM221, BM223
Stamping Polish: W7 - Black

22 February 2016

Swatch: Barry M - Rose Hip


Colour: Baby Pink
Finish: Cremé
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 10ml

19 February 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Red


Barry M - Chilli
Nails Inc - Luminous Red Metallic

Paper Hole Reinforcer's

18 February 2016

Swatch: Barry M - Silver Foil Effect


Colour: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Opacity: Two Coats
Brush Type: Standard
How Much? 10ml
Does it stamp? Yes!

17 February 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Clear Jelly Stamper*


Since beginning stamping in 2010 there has been a lot of changes to stampers. The clear jelly stamper is the next new thing.

The idea of this stamper is that the stamping head is clear which helps with the placement of the stamped designs.

Review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Clear-Jelly-Nail-Art-Stamper-Clear-Silicone-Marshmallow Review-Born-Pretty-Store-BornPrettyStore-BPS-Clear-Jelly-Nail-Art-Stamper-Clear-Silicone-Marshmallow

The Born Pretty Store clear jelly stamper has a hole at the top of the stamper so you can see down to the jelly head and therefore through the head and on to the nail itself.


Stamping head is jelly like in firmness, it isn't as squishy as a marshmallow type one but certainly not as hard as a traditional Konad one. My nails are curved and long which means I need a squishy head to transfer the image across, while this isn't as soft as a marshmallow head it is soft enough to use on my nails without damaging them.

I didn't need to prime the stamper before using it, prior to using all I did was use a sticky lint roll to remove the fluff which had stuck to the head.

Being able to see exactly where you are placing your stamped image is a great development in the world of stamping. I know I will get a lot more use from my stamping plates because of this stamper. Being able to get the placement right is so much better than stamping and hoping it is right.

Here is a couple of nail art designs I did using this stamping plate:

Barry M - Rose Hip

Barry M - Rose Hip / Avon - Cherry Dazzler Stardust

Essie - Shall We Chalet

Overall I really like this stamper and would recommend it, it really helps with stamping placement and means I get a lot more use from the stamping plates which I already own.

You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

$4.59 - BornPrettyStore