24 February 2016

Review: Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Palette*


This nail art palette is a small palette designed to be worn on a finger or thumb to use in nail art. It is made from metal which means you can clean it up with both water for acrylic paint and acetone for nail polish.

Here I used this to make a reverse stamping decal, I dotted some nail polish on the palette and then used that to paint on to the stamper. 


I really like the palette because nail polish dries really quickly and so having the dot of polish nearer the nail was a lot more convenient than somewhere else.


The palette has an expandable ring back which means it fits on both fingers and thumbs.

Overall this is a great addition to any nail artists kit. Reusable and convenient.

Helps with nail art by being so much nearer to the nail itself, as well as putting an end to the use of random bits of paper / cardboard / plastic as a temporary palette.

The plastic cup I have been using for a small amount of water to clean off the brush or make a polish sheerer when using acrylic paint.

You can check out all of the new arrivals at BornPrettyStore here and what is currently most popular here.

$5.08 - BornPrettyStore

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