7 March 2016

Make Up: Winter 2015 Favourites

Foundation - Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude in Light Porcelain
A foundation which is light enough for me, especially in winter. It is supposed to be a lighter coverage than the normal 25 hour lasting version.

Powder - ELF Complexion Perfection / Tone Correcting Powder in Light
This is my staple go to setting powder, I did stock up on these before ELF stopping selling in the UK and although now you can buy it in the UK it doesn't come from the UK so once my back ups have gone I will have to find a new holy grail type powder [full review].

Eyebrows - Freedom Makeup Eyebrow Pomade in Ebony
Eyebrow pomade has completely changed my eyebrow routine, it takes a little longer to use than a powder but stays put and is still easy to use [full review].


Blush - ELF Blush in Shy
A very light blusher but works on my pale skin tone without being really bold.

Eyeshadow - Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Creamy Beige 98
I've been using this over the lid and in the crease it almost looks as if I have used two different shades so it is good for a quick eye look along with a cat eye flick.

Eyeliner - Makeup Revolution Awesome Double Flick Thick and Thin Liner
And this is the eyeliner of choice I have been enjoying recently, it is easy to use and stays all day. The two sides of this means you can chop and change the flick to how you feel on the day. I need to see how long this lasts before drying up as to how much I would recommend it.

Lip Liner - Primark PS Love Dark Pink 09
While I do like a dark lip it can be a bit of a faff to maintain. So for those days when I want to have a lip colour but don't want to be checking constantly on my lipstick I wear this.


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