10 April 2016

Monthly Empties: March 2016

Eight nail polishes leaving my collection this month, the amount that is leaving it is concerning that I'm not buying new ones to replace them!

Glamour by Yoli2UL - Pink 825 - Very neon Barbie pink shade, not my thing really [swatch here].
Sally Hansen - Black Platinum - This was a three to four coater, and I don't have time for a four coater nail polish, which is a shame as this was a nice gun metal colour.
ELF - Purple Pleaser - Really liked this colour but used it up, won't be repurchasing because ELF isn't easily accessible in the UK any more [swatch here].
ELF - Rosy Raisin -  Same as Purple Pleaser, a really nice colour but not accessible [swatch here].

ELF - Hot Pink - A good basic as the name suggests, hot pink shade. Again nice enough but ELF just isn't accessible [swatch here].
Pretty Quirky - The Hitcher - A lime green with lilac, turquoise and black glitters [swatch here].
Flash Nails - The Beach - A yellow, blue and silver glitter bomb in a clear base. Glitter is not my thing so will be donating to a friend [swatch here].
Taras Talons - Celebrate - A beautiful duochrome shimmer aqua colour, more of a layering polish than one to use on its own [swatch here].

Boots Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover - I like this, I find that all of the other acetone free removers leave my nails white from it being so drying. This one doesn't dry my nails out in that way so it something I would and have repurchase, another point is it doesn't contain blistex which is a bonus!

OPI Avojuice - Mango - A really nice light lotion which doesn't leave you sticky or slimy at all. The scent is strong and does linger for a long while on the skin too which I thought was nice. I would repurchase this.
OPI  Avoplex - Fruity cuticle oil which worked, I would try this in a full size [review].
So...? Sinful - A musky perfume, not my favourite but still used it up but not a repurchase.

Lush - Christmas Hedgehog - This had a lot of shimmer in it but it did leave my skin feeling soft.
Lush - Yog Nog Bath Bomb - Yog Nog was surprisingly full of glitter which did stick to my skin afterwards.
Lush - Penguin Bubble Bar - Didn't make too many bubbles.
Lush - Melted Snowman - One which left my skin feeling soft.

Yankee Candle - Votive - Oud Oasis - Quite a masculine scented candle, I didn't find it had much scent throw.
Yankee Candle - Votive - Pain Au Raisin - In theory this should have smelt amazing but I found it to be quite coconutty which isn't something I like.



  1. not buying more polishes this month?! are ayou serious here?!

    1. I'm shocked myself! Although spring summer colours aren't my thing the way autumn winter ones are ;)


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