22 May 2016

Make Up and Nails: Spring 2016 Favourites

nspa - Instant Blur Primer - I like that this primer isn't tinted a beige colour, it is more of a white translucent colour which means it doesn't highlight pores.
Botanics - All Bright Night Cream - This makes my skin smooth and soft. Helped with texture issues I had after a rash.
ELF - Mineral Blush - Joy - A light pale pink shade, good for light skin tones.
Makeup Revolution - Eyeshadow Single - I Remember - I use this eyeshadow as a base, it helps to have a base to blend out the other darker shades.
Collection - Lasting Perfection - Shade 2 - This shade works well for covering blemishes, I do like shade 1 as well but that is better for highlighting on myself [swatch comparison].
ELF - Moisturising Lipstick - Ravishing Rose - A neutral dusty pink shade [swatch here].
Essence - All About Matt! Powder - This keeps my foundation in place and matte for a long while which is good.
Makeup Revolution - Give Them Nightmares - This palette is ideal for me, lots of dark shades, some matte and some with a shimmer finish [review and swatches].
ELF - 3 in 1 Mascara - This mascara is build-able so for days when you don't want to have lashes like Twiggie you don't have to.
I Heart Makeup Brows - I've not used the wax from this but having the three other shades is useful when you are in between dyeing your hair.

Glisten and Glow - HK Girl - Top Coat - Holy grail type of topcoat, glassy finish and fast drying [review].
Nails Inc - NailKale - Base Coat - Not sure if the kale is doing anything for my nails, but I do like this for a base coat. The brush is amazing on the new Nails Inc bottles.
Colors By Llarowe - Black Gold, Texas Tea - This is a very dark great holographic polish, I recently rediscovered it in my collection and have been wearing it alone without adding anything extra! [swatch].
OPI Avojuice - Apple Pie Spice - Not really a spring scent, but I am really enjoying the scent of this it does smell exactly like apple pie spice. The scent lingers and it absorbs really quickly without leaving any residue.



  1. Oh lol, thought the nails inc was some dark green polish XD That palette does have dark colors but i have to agree, something about them is spring-like!

    1. Yes its just a base coat. It doesn't tint your nails green when it's on though. Spring colours aren't really my thing. Lol!


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