18 May 2016

Make Up: MUA - Clear Lip Liner (Anti Bleed)


This is a clear lip liner and as such I can't show a swatch. The idea is that you can use this with any colour lipstick which will help prevent bleeding.

I have seen this type of product on the market for £4 from other brands but I didn't want to spend that much in case it was a gimmick type product. This one from MUA is £1.


I line and fill my lips with this, it feels slightly waxy in texture and can drag the lips a little bit. I have found that it helps to give the lipstick something to cling on to so it does make it last longer.

As the name suggests it does also provide a barrier against the lipstick bleeding. I don't often have that problem yet, as I don't have many fine lines around my lips. However some bright red lipsticks still can bleed for me and that is where this has came in useful as it stops that happening.

Another positive of this is that it will work with the entire of your lipstick collection, so no need to buy a liner in every shade to match your lipstick collection.

There is a pencil sharpener on the lid which is quite handy.

There are only two negatives to this product, one is it is difficult to tell where you have applied this because it is clear. Also because it is clear it doesn't help make a lipstick even in coverage whereas if you were to wear a corresponding liner to lipstick then it might do that.

MUA // Superdrug



  1. For that kind of money definitely worth it though i guess?

    1. Yes a very good price. Not sure I would want to pay Othery brand prices for the same type of product.


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