1 May 2016

Monthly Empties: April 2016

April has come and gone, Spring is supposed to be here but I'm not sure mother nature got the message as we have been having hail, snow, sleet and other such weathers all in one day here in the UK!

So this past month I have used up seven nail polishes

Barry M - Raspberry - Gorgeous berry colour, I would buy this again but I have dupes so once they are used up I would definitely buy this again [swatch].
TarasTalons - The Purpletrator - Duochrome purple polish [swatch].
Ciate - Big Yellow Taxi - Not a massive fan of yellow on myself but I seem to have been reaching for the a lot for nail art. A nice bright yellow [swatch].
ELF - Innocent - Not one I would repurchase [swatch].
TarasTalons - New York Nights - A purple glitter polish [swatch].

Soap and Glory - Hand Food Hand Cream - I like this it has a nice scent. I would repurchase this but I have far to many other hand lotions to work through first! [review].
Nail Polish Thinner - No idea the brand of this, it worked fine though and I really do need to get some more.
Nightmare Before Christmas - Nightmarish Nail Polish - I liked the colour of this polish but the formula was stringy and the brush was completely bent and flared.
OPI - Nail Envy - I quite like this as a base coat, whether it does anything is a different matter. I wouldn't use it over polish as recommended though [review].

Avon - Red Berries Bubble Bath - It made a few bubbles, but as usual for these avon products I didn't find the water was scented nor did the scent linger on the skin.
Dolly Mixtures - Fizzy Cherry - This smells amazing, it says cherry but I found it smelled more of fizzy cola bottles. Really nice and would repurchase.
Superdrug - Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser - I didn't like this, while it worked it stung my eyes and was scented very masculine [review].
Soap and Glory - No Clogs Allowed Face Mask - Very warming, not sure if it did much but it left my skin feeling softer.

Lush - So White Bath Bomb - I used two of these this past month, they are lightly scented and left my skin feeling quite soft.
Lush - Bah Humbug Bubble Bar - Really liked this, the scent was nice and turned the water a nice deep purple colour.
Lush - Sex Bomb Bath Bomb - Would it be a monthly empties without this? [review].

Leighton Denny - Remove and Go Pot - This works, I don't think I'd repurchase as I prefer my DIY remover [review].
Yankee Candle - Strawberry Buttercream - Wax Tart - This was quite strongly scented, it was nice but I found there was something a little bit bitter about it. I do want to try it again though.
Yankee Candle - Serengeti Sunset - Votive Candle - Same problem as with any votive I don't find it that scented,
Yankee Candle - Simply Cinnamon - Votive Candle - This had more of a scent throw to it, lightly cinnamon-y.

Hersheys Caramel Kisses Lip Balm - I liked the scent of this but in terms of a lip product it wasn't that good, very waxy.

Village Candle - Coffee Beans - This smelt really nice, like a coffee shop. It has a double wick so it burns more evenly than other candles. The scent throw was good for this too.


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