11 June 2016

Stamping Plate: MoYou Nails - 420 (Flower Design)*


This rectangle stamping plate is from MoYou and has nine full nail images on it. It has a plastic backing to protect you from sharp metal edges.

Review-MoYou-Nails-420-Flower-Design-Stamping-Plate Review-MoYou-Nails-420-Flower-Design-Stamping-Plate

Most of the images stamped across okay, there are a some abstract print designs as well as some floral ones. With the more intricate patterns I did have to move quickly to get them to stamp across.


Something I also would like to point out about this plate is that while the images are supposed to be full nail sizes for me personally this wasn't the case. My nails were too long measuring in at 22mm at the moment. The images measure at 16mm in length and 13mm in width.

For both of the designs I did using this plate I used a friend as a hand model as she has shorter nails than me. There were still issues though and her thumb nail was wider than the 13mm.




MoYou Nails


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