9 October 2016

Empties: September 2016

I am not sure what happened this past month, but I seem to have finished a lot of products!

Sally Hansen - Dry Kwik - This is a quick dry oil, I never use these as I prefer a quick drying topcoat.
Barry M - Matt White - This isn't matte, that said it is a good white nail polish which is good for a base or for using in nail art. I would repurchase this.
Nail Envy - Nude + Nail Envy - Pink (Hawaiian Orchid) - I like the concept behind these coloured base coats but I prefer a clear base coat (full review).
OPI - What's Your Point-Setta? - A good classic red polish.
OPI Avojuice - Vanilla Lavender - I'm a fan of Avojuice in general, it is lightweight but moisturising and it doesn't leave your hands sticky or slimy. I also find the scent lasts which is nice, however this scent wasn't something I was a fan of, it was very similar to baby powder. 

NYX HD Studio Foundation - Soft Beige - I enjoyed this foundation, it left my skin looking flawless. It also has no SPF in so it photographs well too. It does however oxidise on me and I think I should have bought the lightest shade in this. I may repurchase.
Revlon Colorstay Foundation - Buff - Buff is my shade in this foundation and I do like it, It is versatile as in you can wear it sheered out or wear if at a full coverage. I am hesitant to repurchase though as I know they have changed the formula since I last bought it.
Soap and Glory - Sexy Mother Pucker - This is a plumping lipgloss, it came in a set and I hung on to it for a while but lipgloss, especially with shimmer is just not my thing.
NSPA - Instant Blur Primer - This is rapidly becoming my go to primer, it smooths pores and helps to prime my skin so that my foundation sits on my skin better that without it. It also makes the foundation last longer than it would without it.

Three lipbalms in one month has to be a first even for me!

Organics Lip Balm - Nice, did the job without tinting my lips or leaving a odd residue.
Avon Color Trend Orange Kiss and Juicy Raspberry - Both of these were good, they didn't have any glitter at all which sometimes you get in Avon lipbalms. They both smelt nice as well.
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup - One Sin Too Many - I already have another of these, very pigmented, lasts in my waterline, doesn't drag. What more could you want in a black kohl eyeliner?

Kerastase - Not sure this did anything for my hair.
John Freida Frizz Ease Shampoo and Conditioner - I liked both of these they left my hair smooth so I didn't have to do anything with it using heat. I have bought these full size in the past.
L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Shampoo and Conditioner - These made my hair feel thicker however they did it by making it incredibly frizzy in the process. Something which sounds good in theory but in practice no. Not something I would buy full sized.

Wilko Unscented Tea Lights 100 - Cheap basic tealights, I liked them for using with my wax tart melter.
Yankee Candle Wax Tart - Forbidden Apple - Quite strongly scented, very much like the sweet apple wax tart so not sure it is particularly Halloween-y other than the neon green shade.
Yankee Candle - Egyptian Musk - As the name suggests quite a musky scent, a strong one though which is rare for a votive type candle. I'd describe this as a masculine scented candle.

Boots Cotton Wool Balls Extra Large - These are good, you can tear them up in to multiple pieces and so work out economical.
Avon - Moroccan Oil - Gone through many bottles of this, I like it and it does help my hair to feel smoother, dry quicker and look shiny (full review).
Avon Infinite Seduction - Not something I would have picked out for myself, I think this is an evening type of scent. I am more of a Lush Karma sort of a person than this.


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